When I did my end-of-studies stop-motion short film EMILY & LE HAMSTEROSAURUS-REX, I wanted to keep the mobility and versatility of facial expression I found in 2D hand drawn animation, without sacrifing anything in terms of design of the character.

Here are the techniques I came up with to reach that aim.
Nothing comes from nothing: I learned from books, making-of etc... and mainly from great people that were willing to share their knowledge:
So, thanks to Mickaël Fennetaux, Chris Entwistle, Arril Johnson and Mary Murphy.
and now, it's my turn to make my knowledge available.
I hope the content of this blog will be of some use for stop motion artists.

The blog is organised that way:
The "puppet making"section gather all the posts about the specific techniques used for the making of Albert and Emily
The "materials" section gather tips and technique about plaster, plastiline, and many other things
The « books » section gather reference to titles I used.

If you are willing to make any addition or precision about anything on this blog, or if you want me to do so, please send me an e-mail.
Regarding my English… as you may have gathered by now, English is not my first language, so please, be lenient with my grammar, vocabulary and orthography … all suggestions toward improvement are welcome as well.

I wish you a pleasant journey within my WOOONDERFUL STOP-MOTION.
Long live Stop-Motion!
Aurelie Blard-Quintard

click on the image to see Emily & le Hamsterosaurus-Rex


the boy said...

a m a z i n g

Dawid said...

Really great:D
I love the characters:D

Anonymous said...

Vraiment bon tout ça...Yen aura d'autres j'espere?!

K.P said...

your characters are amazing and thank you so much for the advice it really helped in my stop motion

Jmontiel said...

Wonderful!!!!! I love the characters